The Alarming Clock

An old workmate of mine has launched his first commercial product, the Alarming Clock. It’s beautiful and thoughtful, and you should check it out.

Alarm clocks are pretty mundane. We take them for granted so much that the function itself is now commoditised and diffused into many products across our lives. Phones, watches, kitchen timers, DVRs, computers and so many more products now all track time for us. With all these diverse ways of measuring and tracking time around us, how can there be space for another clock in our homes?

Other people have answered this question by focussing the alarm clock on something that helps us wake up, through obnoxious features like running away or gentle ones like mimicking sunlight.

The Alarming Clock elegantly discovers a new direction. It is a timepiece that helps us sleep.

The time is hidden, there is no radio and the alarm itself sounds more like a woodpecker than a distress beacon. But the most thoughtful thing about the Alarming Clock is that when you set the alarm for 7am, say, the device will actually sound twice. Yes of course, it will ring at 7am as you need it to. But it will also ring 9 hours earlier to signal you to put down your screens, switch of the TV, stop working, whatever, and begin relaxing before bed.

This is a beautiful design not just because of its form and materials, but to so elegantly and sympathetically remind us of what we need day-to-day and help us give it to ourselves.

More information about the Alarming Clock