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One of the most impor­tant expe­ri­ences in my career was mov­ing from agency life at Flow Inter­ac­tive, where I deliv­ered large research projects, to Nokia, where I man­aged research agen­cies like Flow. After this shift, I learnt a lot about how research is and is not effec­tive in design teams. In this talk I share some of the lessons I learnt, I reflect a lit­tle bit on the gulf  between researchers and design­ers and I offer a few ideas on how to help to make research more mean­ing­ful to design. I also issue a few chal­lenges for agen­cies and their clients.

Want a tan­gi­ble exam­ple before com­mit­ting the 40-odd min­utes of this talk? Some­how, usabil­ity researchers think they’re being use­ful when we list each and every prob­lem that we find with a prod­uct. In this talk, I argue that you should never list every prob­lem you find. Never. Just don’t do it.

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This record­ing is from the UKUPA. I gave a basi­cally iden­ti­cal talk at the UX Peo­ple con­fer­ence in 2010.