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April 30, 2014

the tata nano, ncap and progress

When I give talks, I often use the Tata Nano as a classic example of a low-end disruptive technology that could only come from emerging markets. It’s incredibly cheap, it targets a new consumer market instead of existing users and it reeks of compromise. The point I make it simple – the list of what […]

March 25, 2014

What We Buy When We Buy Design Research – blog post on Ethnography Matters

Like most good ideas to come out of England, the inspiration for our workshop at EPIC 2013 came from conversations in the pub. In this case, we were talking about “the great divide” between client and agency research teams. Within a few years of each other, we had both left user experience agencies to work […]

March 16, 2014

Video of Electronics District in Shenzhen

I spent a great week in Hong Kong recently. I went to the fantastic UX Hong Kong conference, met some great local designers and spent a day over the border in Shenzhen. I have a lot of notes from the trip that I will write up soon, but I wanted to start by sharing some video […]

November 26, 2013

Podcast with uxpod on ux, disruption and cultural errors

A few weeks ago I had a great chat with Gerry Gaffney, of UXPod fame. We talked about why emerging markets are interesting and how they provide great environments for new disruptive technology. We also spoke about my concept of “Cultural Errors”, which describe the common mistakes that western designers make when they start working […]

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May 2, 2013

Facebook Home and Android: Being eaten by your houseguests?

The Facebook Phone was one of those rumours that wouldn’t die. Even though Mark Zuckerberg said flat out that the idea wouldn’t make sense, the rumour mill kept grinding away. And now, nearly a year his denial we see that Facebook have pursued the opportunity in the way that does make sense for a software […]

April 25, 2013

How can we serve you? The Value-Orientation model of Emerging Market consumers

In their search for new revenue and new users, growing businesses look to emerging markets because they now represent fantastic opportunities for growth. Not only have Indian and Chinese GDP growth rates handily outpaced western rates for over 20 years now, this enormous increase in prosperity has lifted millions of people out of poverty and […]